Construction of Africa’s tallest tower in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

5 July 2021


  • On the initiative of the Ivorian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Urban Planning, and in partnership with PFO Africa, the project's designer and developer, BESIX is participating in the construction of the F Tower in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. It will be Africa’s tallest tower.
  • BESIX is in charge of the project management, as well as the execution of the structural works.
  • The F Tower is the second project associating PFO Africa and BESIX and carried out for the Ivorian government. It adds to the La Mé drinking water plant, currently under construction, one of the largest installations of its kind in West Africa, which will produce 30% of Abidjan’s drinking water needs.

The F Tower

PFO Africa, the project's designer and developer, has awarded BESIX the site management as well as the civil engineering works of the F Tower, in Abidjan. The project, supported by the Ivorian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Urban Planning, is an initiative of the Ivory Coast, the leading economic power in French-speaking Africa.

Pierre Sironval, Deputy CEO of BESIX Group : “BESIX is extremely proud to participate in the construction of the F Tower. This is our second contract in Ivory Coast, a country that offers a favourable business environment and is economically dynamic. In PFO Africa, the leading construction company in Ivory Coast, we have found a high quality partner. Together we were already building one of the largest drinking water production plants in West Africa. We look forward to strengthening this alliance by participating in the construction of a building as iconic as the F Tower.”

The works carried out by BESIX will start in this month of July 2021, with the launch of the structural works on the basis of the existing foundations.

The F Tower, whose architecture was designed by Pierre Fakhoury, is located in the Plateau district, in the heart of Abidjan. Included in the urban development plans since 1970, the F Tower is the sixth tower of the city's Administrative City.

Philippe Dessoy, General Manager Business Development : “BESIX's strength lies in its ability to carry out the most technically complex works, including buildings, ports and terminals, and environmental infrastructure. Our group owes this to the expertise developed by its internal Engineering department, as well as to the experience accumulated over the last 110 years in Europe, Africa and the Middle East in particular.”

BESIX expertise

BESIX is a leading Belgian group, based in Brussels and active in 25 countries and 5 continents in the construction, real estate development and concessions sectors. Its iconic achievements include the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower in Dubai. The group's engineering department enables BESIX to carry out complex and unique projects, particularly in technical and environmental terms.

BESIX has built many high-rise buildings around the world, notably in the Benelux and France, as well as in Australia and several Middle Eastern countries through its subsidiaries BESIX Watpac and Six Construct.

In Ivory Coast, BESIX and PFO Africa are completing the construction of one of the largest drinking water production plants in West Africa, in La Mé. This plant is equipped to supply drinking water to more than one and a half million Ivorians.

On the African continent, BESIX is currently contributing to the construction of the Grand Egyptian Museum (Egypt), the Mohammed VI Tower (Morocco) and the Nachtigal hydroelectric project (Cameroon), which will produce a third of Cameroon's electricity.