BESIX: Inauguration of the Gotthard Hotel & Residences in Swiss resort Andermatt

12 December 2018

Inauguration and opening of the Gotthard Hotel & Residences, a world-class mountain resort in Central Switzerland

Executive summary

  • Inauguration and opening of the Gotthard Hotel & Residences, a world-class mountain resort in Central Switzerland
  • BESIX Group (49%) and Andermatt Swiss Alps AG (51%) as shareholders; BESIX Group also in charge of construction
  • Buildings complying with strict environment standards and built with local materials
  • Architecture preserving cultural and natural heritage of Central Switzerland

On 11 December 2018, BESIX Group and its partner, Andermatt Swiss Alps AG have inaugurated the Gotthard Hotel & Residences, a world-class real estate complex located in the mountain village of Andermatt, in Central Switzerland.

The Gotthard Hotel & Residences comprises a 4-star hotel operated by Radisson Blu and a residential building. Clients and residents have access to outstanding facilities, notably to the SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun, the largest ski resort in Central Switzerland, and to a 18-hole golf course complying with international tournament standards. The residential building’s services, fitness and sports infrastructure are also open to the Andermatt inhabitants.

Johan Beerlandt, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BESIX Group: “As shareholder of the Gotthard Hotel & Residences, BESIX Group is particularly proud. We wanted the buildings to live up to the highest excellence and quality standards. And we wanted the whole project to transform Andermatt into a world-class year-round destination. Together with Andermatt Swiss Alps AG, and in particular thanks to Samih Sawiris, we made it happen.”

BESIX Group played a two-fold role in the development of the Gotthard Hotel & Residences, on one side as shareholder and on the other, as contractor, responsible for the construction of the buildings.

Rik Vanderberghe, CEO of BESIX Group: “The Gotthard Hotel & Residences is BESIX’s first project in Switzerland. Our staff has been successful to build an impressive complex that of course fulfil all local regulations and requirements, which was a challenge. It’s our ambition to have the opportunity to leverage on this acquired expertise in Switzerland.”
Lucas Conings, Deputy General Manager International Buildings at BESIX Group: “The buildings meet the most demanding requirements in terms of environmental compliance. In this regard, BESIX Group has fully implemented the Minergie quality label, a set of standards dedicated to sustainable and ecologically designed buildings. These standards include low energy consumption and the generation of electricity and heat from renewable resources exclusively.

The partners also attached great importance to ensuring that the project would contribute to local economy. In this respect, most materials that have been used originate from the region. Combined with typical architecture, they contribute to respect the building traditions and the cultural and natural heritage of Central Switzerland.

A concert hall is currently under construction in Andermatt and will be completed and delivered after the winter season.