BESIX finalized the construction of the 4th lock in Lanaye

13 November 2015

Since June 2011 BESIX has been executing the construction of the 4th lock in Lanaye and its related works. Today the project is inaugurated by his highness King Philippe.

Friday, November 13, 2015 — Lanaye, November 13th, 2015. Since June 2011 BESIX has been executing the construction of the 4th lock in Lanaye and its related works. Today the project is inaugurated by his highness King Philippe. The Lanaye complex is a strategic crossroad for water traffic: straddling on Belgium and the Netherlands, it is the  mandatory crossover point between the Belgian, French, Dutch, German and central European waterway networks.

The 4th lock in Lanaye is 225 meters long and 25 meters wide, with an elevation differential of 14 meters. The lock is suitable for vessels up to 9,000 tonnes. Its installation reduces the traffic of the first three locks as these have reached a saturation point given the ever-increasing traffic and their capacity for vessels of 2000 tonnes maximum.

Over a period of 4 years this site has mobilized huge human and material means, including the craftsmanship of multiple subcontractors from the Liège province. The works required the on-site production of over 220,000m³ of concrete mainly made of the gravels extracted from the river Meuse during the earthworks of 1.300.000m³ (cut and fill). The concrete was reinforced with 15,000 tonnes of steel and required 200,000 m² of formwork.

BESIX, backed by its experience in large Civil Engineering projects here and around the world, finalized this site within the deadline period while also coordinating the works of the electromechanical equipment of the lock (which it was part of through BESIX Sanotec).


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BESIX Group is the largest Belgian Group, operating in construction, concessions and property development sectors. It profiles itself as a multi-services Group. The Group was founded in 1909, since when it has grown steadily and impressively. NV BESIX SA, its biggest subsidiary, is active in practically every field of construction. In addition to the activities of BESIX and its other subsidiaries, Cobelba, Jacques Delens, Socogetra, Vanhout, Wust, Franki Foundation Group Belgium, BESIX Park, Lux TP, West Construct in Benelux-France, the Group is present in Eastern Europe, North and Central Africa and the Middle East, via Six Construct, in Central Asia and Australia. In 2014, the Group achieved revenues of EUR 2 billion. BESIX has about 18,000 employees active in 22 countries on 5 continents.


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Through its BESIX Sanotec division BESIX Group is active in the water industry and a key player in potable and wastewater treatment for residential, commercial and industrial markets. BESIX Sanotec operates as a fully independent player, offering a broad range of integrated solutions from conception and execution to operation and maintenance of wastewater and sludge treatment plants, odor control units, pumping stations and hydroelectric plants. BESIX Sanotec is currently active in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, United Arabic Emirates and Qatar. In order to meet the growing needs of public authorities, BESIX Sanotec, Besix Concession and other divisions within the Group have joined forces in order to offer integrated services for PPP and maintenance of plants

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