BESIX 3D: art meets 3D concrete in Dubai

21 November 2019

An unusual sight in the heart of Dubai’s financial district: an imposing work of art, which looks like something straight from the future appeared, capturing the attention of curious passers-by.

In fact, it is the 'DECIDUOUS' 3D printed pavilion, a sculpture commissioned by Dubai International Financial Center [DIFC]. The concrete elements were fully printed by BESIX 3D.

Designed by MEAN* [Middle East Architecture Network], 'DECIDUOUS' is made exclusively of sustainable materials, including birch, 3D-printed concrete and 3D-printed recycled plastic. Thanks to innovative technologies, the creators were able to push the boundaries of these materials, creating a hybrid blend of both printed concrete and plastic polymer.

In the field of botany, 'deciduous' refers to trees that seasonally shed leaves. The DECIDUOUS pavilion is an invitation to question our relationship with nature while walking through an abstracted botanical form.

The art installation was officially opened on Sunday the 17th of November as part of the DIFC Art Nights, which showcases works from artists around the world in Dubai's financial centre from the 18th until the 21st of November.


In April 2019, BESIX 3D opened its 3D concrete printing studio in Dubai. It combines the engineering and construction capabilities of BESIX with Swiss construction chemicals supplier Sika and the international 3D printing designer Witteveen+Bos.

Jonas Vandeven, Head of BESIX 3D: "Compared to traditional construction methods, 3D printing presents multiple advantages which include a shorter construction time, a safer working environment and higher freedom in shape. It also generates less waste and lower CO2 emissions. For all those reasons, we believe 3D technology is an integral part of the construction sector’s future."


BESIX is a group based in Brussels, Belgium, operating in 25 countries and on 5 continents, primarily in the construction, real estate development and concessions sectors. Iconic projects include Dubai's Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower, buildings of the European Parliament in Brussels as well as the Grand Egyptian Museum, on the Giza Pyramid Plateau.

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